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2016-10-07 - GBA-Corona 20th Anniversary

GBA 20th Anniversary

With a passion to work in cooperation with operators and engineers in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, GBA-Corona committed itself, in 1996, to delivering exceptional VALUE to its customers. After more than a dozen years of designing flare systems and undertaking combustion research in a major oil company, GBA-Corona's founder and President, Bernard "Bernie" Bolanowski, decided to solve the lack of quality, the systems failure rate, and other flare system operational issues as an independent business operator.

After 20 years and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, GBA-Corona's commitment to VALUE has not changed. Our team remains committed to providing flare equipment with the highest quality design and materials of construction to achieve performance and longevity that will exceed our customer's expectations.

"Our success is solely based on the satisfaction of our customers. We are humbled by customers that have remained loyal to us, and by new customers that trust us to evaluate and replace their outdated or underperforming systems, and grateful to our suppliers who are critical to us delivering defect-free equipment, on time, all the time," says Bernie Bolanowski.

With a combustion engineering and design team that has more years of experience than any flare system provider in the world, GBA-Corona and the worldwide GBA team, want to simply say thank-you to our customers and suppliers. We appreciate your business.

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