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2016-10-07 - GBA-Corona 20th Anniversary

GBA 20th Anniversary

With a passion to work in cooperation with operators and engineers in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, GBA-Corona committed itself, in 1996, to delivering exceptional VALUE to its customers. After more than a dozen years of designing flare systems and undertaking combustion research in a major oil company, GBA-Corona's founder and President, Bernard "Bernie" Bolanowski, decided to solve the lack of quality, the systems failure rate, and other flare system operational issues as an independent business operator.

After 20 years and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, GBA-Corona's commitment to VALUE has not changed. Our team remains committed to providing flare equipment with the highest quality design and materials of construction to achieve performance and longevity that will exceed our customer's expectations.

"Our success is solely based on the satisfaction of our customers. We are humbled by customers that have remained loyal to us, and by new customers that trust us to evaluate and replace their outdated or underperforming systems, and grateful to our suppliers who are critical to us delivering defect-free equipment, on time, all the time," says Bernie Bolanowski.

With a combustion engineering and design team that has more years of experience than any flare system provider in the world, GBA-Corona and the worldwide GBA team, want to simply say thank-you to our customers and suppliers. We appreciate your business.

2015-09-22 - GBA-Corona - New AFRC Member

This week we are happy to introduce the new IFRF member: GBA-Corona, which has recently joined the American Flame Research Committee.

GBA is an internationally based group of companies. GBA supplies flare equipment to the world's Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries - UPSTREAM, DOWNSTREAM, OFFSHORE, ONSHORE. GBA will design systems with an OPERATING understanding, and with system VALUE and LONGEVITY as priorities. GBA has been supplying derrick systems (some of the tallest demountable systems in the world; for example, 204 meters) and flare system equipment; flare tips, pilot systems, control and ignition systems, snuffing systems, support stacks and structures, liquid seal drums, knock out drums, since 1972.

When you need to dispose of flammable gases quickly and safely, allow GBA to offer OPTIMIZED solutions for your high pressure and low pressure systems; (a) pressure assisted flares that provide infinite turndown, (b) enclosed ground flares, (c) open ground mounted arrays, (d) steam assist, (e) air assist, (f) burn pit flares, (g) cryogenic flares, and other specialtiy systems.

2013-02-21 - Ray Redington, Jr. - www.teamredington.com

GBA-Corona is proud to sponsor Ray Redington, Jr. and be a part of the legendary Redington family. Ray, the grandson of Iditarod co-founder, Joe Redignton, Sr. and son of Raymie Redington, has continued the family tradition and has been mushing for his entire lifetime. Following Ray's 6th place finish and best Iditarod finish in 2012, we look forward to a fun and exciting 12th Iditarod for Ray in 2013. As a race gesture, Ray will be mushing this year with a couple dogs from his friend, Hugh Neff, while Hugh is absent from this year's Iditarod to race in Norway. Keep an eye on Ray through www.teamredington.com or http://iditarod.com/. Enjoy 2013's "Last Great Race on Earth."

Ray Redington, Jr.

2013-02-21 - Hugh Neff - www.laughingeyeskennel.com

Although Hugh will be missed at the Iditarod this year, we will be able to enjoy Norway's long distance mushing event, the Finnmarkslopet, through the eyes of Laughing Eyes Kennel. Hugh says he is "not going to Norway just to race ... he wants to learn how to become an even better DOGMAN." This quest for excellence continues even after his 2012 Yukon Quest Championship. GBA-Corona is happy to be associated with a man whose heroes "were not race champions but those who explored new lands, ... and whose wealth was determined by experiences, not money or ego." Follow Hugh's Norway journey by staying connected through http://hughneff.com/.

2012-11-01 - (Houston, Texas)

GBA-Corona's flare equipment is now making a positive impression in the Shale markets. During the past few years, the operator focus was to insure the flare equipment could be delivered fast enough to keep pace with their fast-paced growth. Of course delivery remains very important, but now the operators are far more aware of, and knowledgeable about, the need for highly reliable flare equipment and smokeless performance. Operators are now learning that low cost products are not always the best solution for their application.

2010-07-27 - Helix Producer

GBA-Corona has assisted in helping the Gulf of Mexico Crisis by providing radiation studies for the Helix Produce 1 flare (our CSF low radiation sonic flare).

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